Supported Cause

In addition to providing quality items at affordable prices, RKW Collection Inc. also believes in giving back. We have a strong sense of corporate responsibility, driven by principles and goals well beyond profit and the bottom line. We are dedicated to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

For each item that RKW Collection Inc. sells, a percentage of the profits will go towards an organization/charity whose sole purpose is to help those in need.

We are delighted to announce that RKW Collection has formed a partnership with Plan Canada. Not only does this organization give us the opportunity to help improve the lives of children and their communities around the world, it also gives us the opportunity to grow with them and to achieve long-lasting results. Plan Canada focuses on providing children with a better life through sustainable and lasting improvements in the areas of community health, education and improved opportunities for self-sufficiency. As our company grows, not only will we be able to sponsor our specific children, we will be able to sponsor entire issues, and projects that will lead to dramatic and deep transformation in these children's lives. We are thrilled to be a sponsor of such a wonderful organization and will look forward to remaining a valued partner in creating a more hopeful future for children around the world. Since 2005, RKW has sponsored eight children.

  • Lokesh – India- Sponsored from 2005 to March 2009- Family Moved
  • Romel – Ecuador- Sponsored from 2005 to 2010 -Family Moved
  • Kadiatou - Mali- Sponsored from 2005 to December 2008- Family Moved
  • Carlos – Nicaragua- Born Sponsored since 2005 to Present
  • Jean Jacques – Cameroon- Sponsored from 2005 to November 2006- Family Moved
  • Emmerancia- Cameroon- Sponsored Since November 2006 to Present
  • Doufing- Mali- Sponsored since December 2008 to Present
  • Muhammad- Pakistan- Sponsored since March 2009 to Present

To find out more information about Plan Canada or to sponsor your own child, please click Plan Canada to go directly to their website.

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Carlos and his mother
Children in Lokesh community
Emmerencia and Emmanculate